Saturday, 1 March 2014

Egg production going up

After a few months of low egg production from both our hens and ducks, it seems our girls are starting to lay more eggs. In the depth of winter we sometimes got only one or two eggs a day from the hens. Since the fox attack in November, we had had no ducks eggs until mid February. Now, we are typically getting two duck eggs a day and hen eggs are being produced at the rate of about 9 a day. I'm looking forward to further increases in the days and weeks ahead. We have built up a bit of a stock of eggs for Tuesday as we are having a pancake day at our community cafe in Marley Hill. After that, we will be looking to increase the amount of trading we do with other allotment holders. Our eggs are currency for us and we can use them to buy leeks and cabbages which others still have growing on their allotments.

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