Thursday, 13 March 2014

March blossom

I took this photo yesterday on the allotment site. It is part of the hedge around one of the neighbouring plots. I have never seen such a large amount of blossom in mid March here in the North East of England before. This is the sort of floral display I would expect to see on the hedges in May. The mini heatwave we are experiencing seems to have brought forward the growing season, unlike last year when everything was a month late because of the mini ice age we had in March and April. I am not sure what the blossom is. It's not blackthorn - that I know because the branches don't have big, hard spikes on them. It's not hawthorn either. Whatever it is, however, is attracting my bees which are making the most of the sunny weather. They were all over the blossom when I had another look today.

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