Monday, 31 March 2014

North East Beekeepers' Convention

The annual North East of England Beekeepers' Convention was held on Saturday in Newcastle so we went along to a day of talks about beekeeping, the threat of diseases, varroa, bee viruses and a host of other issues. And from one of the speakers, with a bit of extra advice from one of the stall holders, I was provided with a great deal of information on what I need to do to collect a feral bee colony from an old people's home in my village which is due to be demolished shortly.

There were a number of stall holders at the convention so we did a bit of stocking up on bits of equipment (though not the skep or the centrifuge!)

The final photo above is of a stall selling soaps. It was an interesting discussion with the stall holder as she is based at Gibside, the National Trust property near where we live. Gibside hosts regular farmers' markets and when we have enough honey, eggs and so on, we are hoping to get a stall there to sell our surplus.

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