Friday, 14 March 2014

Strawberry planters

We have been rationalising the way we grow strawberries. Previously we had them in various locations in the ground, in pots and in growbags. They have now been dug up and transplanted into strawberry planters (see photo above) which are on our patio. The problem we will have is that no matter how well we remove the strawberry plants from their original locations, we will in months and years to come find new plants growing there. Putting them in the planters at least makes them more manageable.


WhenIam said...
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Kally said...

We took the idea of the stair risers (so popular on pinterest) but cut our own from some wood we had laying around and used the long window box planters. We're coming into year three and its meant we can plant the runners up as new plants but technically haven't had to move the original plants but can assess and reassess the best growing positions for them.