Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lots of logs

One of the houses near to my allotment had one of their trees cut down last week. They left a large pile of logs for me to take. As a thank you I gave them some eggs, marmalade and apple jelly and this resulted in their giving me a bottle of their homemade elderflower champagne. I love this type of trading!

We have 2 plans for the logs. The first is to build a wood fired oven on the allotment, similar to the sort of oven that would have been around in the later Medieval and Tudor periods. This is for me to do more historical cooking (I'm doing a talk to a local history society about Medieval foods in October). The 2nd plan is to have the old gas fired boiler in our house replaced with a wood burner. I see no point in paying to be fixed up to the gas grid when I can use for free a sustainable source of wood on our doorsteps. We already generate some of our electricity so heating our water and our house using our own fuel is the next step.

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Magratmadcat said...

Elderflower champagne in front of a roaring wood fire? That sounds pretty idyllic!