Monday, 7 July 2014

Building the quail house

Building the quail house is David's project. It has to be securely constructed. It needs to keep in the quail and keep out the vermin. It has to be gale-proof, storm-proof, vandal-proof. The side panels have been made but yesterday David made the base. It is 290cm by 188cm. It is covered with the same steel nesh that covers the side panels. This will prevent vermin burrowing into it.

The base will be sunk partly into the ground and a skirting board will be added to give extra shelter. Quail love to have dust baths so we will also cover the ground nesh with earth and sand. Extra shelter will come from shrubs we will grow in pots in the quail house. All that however is for the future. The floor and side panels may be built but we need to join them all together. That's a job for the coming weekend.

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