Saturday, 26 July 2014

Pinkie the Golden Guernsey

We have two pygmy goats but as yet no milking goat. However earlier this week, we went to Wallsend to look at a golden guernsey nanny goat called Pinkie that is for sale. She is 4 years old and produces 3 litres of milk a day. We are considering whether or not to go ahead with buying her. It will mean sorting out a separate milking area. And she will need milking twice a day. It is a significant commitment but it also means filling in one of the gaps in our self-sufficient diet. The milk will allow us to make our own yogurts, cream and cheese.

A final decision will be made shortly.


Anonymous said...

Here in the US lots of people milk the pygmy goats. Why don't you try to milk yours?

Anonymous said... A good article on milking the Pygmy goat.