Thursday, 17 July 2014

Three Welsh boys, not girls

I wrote recently that I was hopeful that the three Welsh Harlequin ducklings we hatched in the spring would turn out to be girls. Alas, our plans are in a bit of a mess. All three have turned out to be drakes. They have the telltale sign of a curled tail feather, and their bills are starting to go yellow - both signs they are male. I got in touch with Bill Quay Community Farm from which we had bought the hatching eggs to see if they have any more which we could hatch in the hope we could raise some females. Alas they no longer have their own supply and were in the process of tracking down (unsuccessfully as it turned out) some hatching eggs for themselves.

We want to keep one drake but that was on the assumption we would have some Welsh Harlequin ducks with which he could settle down. If we get rid of 2 of them, either to new homes or as Sunday dinner, will the remaining one integrate with our other group of birds which consist of 2 drakes and 4 ducks? We certainly plan to get Welsh Harlequin hatching eggs as soon as we can but it is looking like spring next year before we will be able to do that.

So, if any one wants one or two Welsh Harlequin drakes, make me an offer!

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