Thursday, 17 July 2014

Free food - for the hens

On our allotment site, we often find that other allotment holders have thrown discarded leaves from cabbages, lettuces etc over the hedge into our plot. This is not an attempt to get rid of unwanted waste by dumping it over the hedge. Rather, it is done at my request. This is free food for the poultry. The more we can feed them on food waste produced on the site, the less we have to buy in.

Yesterday however we found 2 sacks of grass cuttings and weeds left outside our gate. An extra meal for the poultry that was much appreciated by them! (And it saved having to pick a bag of dandelions and other weeds which I do most days for them.)

In return, when we have lots of chicken muck, we make it freely available for neighbouring plot holders.

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