Saturday, 6 June 2015

Cheese making

goat cheese making June 15 1

The abundance of milk from Pinkie means we are back on to cheese making. We are still learning so at the moment the recipes we use are simple. Last week we made cottage cheese. The milk was warmed to 24C. Starter and 3 drops of rennet were added. I left it to stand overnight.

goat cheese making June 15 2

I was expecting it to form a layer of curd on the top but instead it curdled as a large amount of particles. This was all heated to 45C, kept at that temperature for half an hour and then most of the whey was ladled off.

goat cheese making June 15 5

The curds and remaining whey were strained through a cheese cloth.

goat cheese making May 15 6

We added a bit of salt and some chives from the garden to the resulting cheese.

Meanwhile, we had to decide what to do with the whey.

goat cheese making June 15 4

Half ended up in the chicken soup we made recently. The rest went into the mash for the poultry.

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