Saturday, 20 June 2015

Using whey to make bread

homemade bread June 15 1

We have more whey from cheese making than we care to think about. We use it in soups. We put it in the mash for the poultry. We use it to make scones. Now I've started using it in bread-making. I made 5 loaves on Thursday. And I was very pleased with the results. The texture of the bread is soft but unlike that awful rubbish commercially produced bread, it holds together when being spread.

homemade bread June 15 2

This was breakfast recently. Homemade bread, containing our goats whey, spread with our own butter made from Pinkie's milk, with homemade jam. A self-sufficient breakfast - well nearly. The flour in the bread and sugar in the jam were bought from the supermarket. There is also a pinch of salt in the bread - we've not quite mastered the skill of producing our own salt! Otherwise, it is self-sufficient.

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