Friday, 26 June 2015

Into the preserves making season

mint jelly June 15

We are now well into the preserves making season though much of what we have been using has come from the freezer - we need the space! I've just finished making hedgerow and apple jam, from pulp left from making jelly last year. We also had soft fruit pulp and some whole soft fruit, all of which has been made into jam and jelly. In the photo above, the contents of the pan eventually became mint jelly. We have a huge glut of mint on the small allotment which is trying to take over. I regularly rip out as much as I can but it keeps growing back!

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Tash Thumwood said...

This looks delicious!!
I am ew to being self sufficient and am in the very beginnings. I look forward to reading your blog and getting tips from you. I have also started a blog to try update the world and prove a 27 year old novice single mum can do it and try the simple old fashioned life!! I look forward to any words of wisdom you may be able to offer me. Have enjoyed what I have read so far and Im glad Pinkie is doing great!! she's gorgeous!! x