Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Hay making

hay making June 16 (2)

After a week of damp weather we are enjoying a dry period (until Saturday when the forecast suggests rain). Time to make more hay. I want to cut down on the feed I have to buy in for the winter so the more we can produce ourselves, the better. All nettles pulled up on the allotment are dried but I have also picked grass on the somewhat overgrown community orchard in Sunniside. Some has been brought back to the allotment to be fed to the goats and what I don't give to them is dried in the sun. As the animals tend to kick it about, I've had a go at leaving the picked grass on the ground at the orchard. I am about to check on it but I'm hoping this experiment will work both to produce a good hay crop over the coming months but also to help get some of the grass and weeds at the orchard under control.

hay making June 16 (1)

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