Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The 4am goat check

Goats June 16 (1)

With the loss of Geraldine when she went into labour last month, we are taking no chances with our other 2 goats. As soon as they go into labour, we will call out the vet. We have calculated that Georgina will give birth from yesterday to Saturday with tomorrow, Wednesday, the most likely date (ie 150 days since first being with the billy). So at 11pm last night I checked on the goats and at 4am, the alarm clock went off to wake me up for another check. It was daylight but Pinkie was sensibly asleep in the goat house. Georgina on the other hand was awake and wandering around the herb garden! As yet there are no immediate signs of her going into labour.

Tonight I will be kipping on the allotment, armed with flask of tea, torches and phone.

Goats June 16 (2)

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Fishcake_random said...

Good luck! I hope all goes well x x