Saturday, 18 June 2016

It's a boy!

goat kids June 16 (27)

I'm pleased to report that Pinkie, our Golden Guernsey goat, gave birth to a billy kid this morning. It was a vet assisted birth as she was 2 days late. I had been up all night with her in the goat house waiting to go into labour. After last year's drama, in which Pinkie had to have a caesarian and we lost the 2 kids at birth, along with the death of Geraldine in labour 3 weeks ago, this time we were taking no chances, hence the decision to have a vet around when she was ready to go.

Both mother and son are doing well.

goat kids June 16 (16)

goat kids June 16 (28)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! After enduring some less-than-successful kiddings, I've learned to be most thankful for healthy mamas and live/healthy babies. Gender is NOT a top priority for me these days!!! Besides, some of my most loving goats are bucks! They have extra special personalities. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...