Monday, 27 June 2016

The successes and failures of hay making

Kingsway Community Orchard June 16

My experiment in hay making was both a success and a failure. On Thursday I checked the hay I cut at the community orchard. It had dried nicely so I decided to gather it in the next day. Alas, when I got to the orchard on Friday, I found the council had cut the grass on the land around the orchard, right where I had put the grass to dry. The entire crop had been shredded by the council's lawn mowers! In future I will have to make the hay after the council lawn mowers have just been around.

I am currently making more hay though the sun is not expected to shine for the next couple of days. Rain is forecast instead. Instead, I'm laying out the grass on a pallet in the milking parlour. As it dries out it will go onto the haystack and be replaced with more fresh grass. Over the summer I should build up enough to get us through the winter.

hay making June 16

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