Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Pinkie's baby dies

goat kids June 16 (31)

I'm saddened to report that Pinkie's baby, which we had named Milky, died in the early hours of Monday morning. It was clear on Sunday morning that he was ill. Pinkie was trying to get him to stand up but he wouldn't budge. Unfortunately I had to be in London over the weekend and only got back yesterday afternoon so David had to look after matters. He took Milky home to keep him warm. The vet was called and he was fed through a tube straight to his stomach with milk made from goat milk powder we had in reserve. David then milked Pinkie and later fed some to the baby using a bottle. But it wasn't enough and Milky passed away.

goat kids June 16 (33)

It means for the second year running Pinkie is providing us with milk but has no kids. Fortunately she is recovering well from the birth.

goat kids June 16 (29)


Anonymous said...

That is so heartbreaking. Poor Pinkie.

James Garrett said...

Ohhhh so sad!