Monday, 20 January 2014

Eating hay whilst the sun shines

No rain today. Hooray! It meant the goats were happy to leave their goathouse and roam around the paddock. It also meant there was a bit more time for the ground to drain. The mud on the allotment has been relieved of further rain sufficiently to have moved to the thick, sticky state that sucks off your wellies if you stand in the same position for a few moments too long.

The sun also brought out the bees, not that there are many flowers around at the moment. However, the hazel catkins seem to be early this year, probably due to the mild weather. The catkins are not flowers and provide no nectar though they do produce lots of pollen which the bees can collect. I took the photo below this morning as I was surprised at just how many catkins there are.

Back to the goats - they weren't too interested in their feed this morning but I broke open a new bale of hay and fed some to them. They gorged themselves on it.

And afterwards, they had to sleep off their excess.

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