Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Elderberry gin

I bottled up one and half bottles of elderberry gin and one of elderberry and apple vodka yesterday. I set them away in October. The berries in the gin were raw and whole. In the vodka, the apples and elderberries were a pulp from making jelly last year. I normally use pulp like this to make a fruit puree but this time I thought I'd experiment by using it to make a liqueur. I sampled a very small amount of the gin - my general rule however is not to drink though the week, except o special occasions. Tipples are for the weekend.

The gin soaked berries and vodka soaked pulp have gone into a storage jar. I hope to put them through a sieve and use the resulting puree to add to some ice cream I am planning to make - all rather expeerimental at the moment.


countrygirl said...

Do you have a recipe, measurements
to make this?

Jonathan Wallace said...

I'll post up the video which contains the recipe shortly.