Sunday, 5 January 2014


The UK is being hit by a series of bad storms at the moment. Here in Sunniside we are not as badly affected as many other areas but the rain and wind are, nevertheless, very heavy. Through daylight hours today, the weather wasn't too bad so we were able to carry out the long planned extension of the goat paddock. This involved moving the goat house to the middle of the enlarged paddock. This evening, in the middle of the rain, I did a check on the goats to ensure they were okay and not suffering from the weather. Alas, I found both of them standing behind the goat house trying to take shelter. Both were rather wet and looking miserable.

I led them into the comfort of the goat house itself where they settled down and started eating hay. Quite why they had not gone into the shelter is beyond me. Goats hate the rain and naturally gravitate towards cover when it is wet. Hopefully they have learnt their lesson. I am going back in a few minutes before I go to bed myself to check they are still tucked up in the goat house.

I can report however that the goats seem to enjoy the increased size of the goat paddock. And they had a great time charging round the allotment whilst we were erecting the fence.

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