Friday, 27 June 2014

7 new ducklings

Yesterday morning saw 7 ducklings hatch in our incubator. They are mainly khaki campbells but there will be some aylesbury and magpie thrown into the mix as well. 8 eggs were in the incubator. I checked the one that didn't hatch. It still had its yoke so must have been infertile.

The ducklings will remain in the aquarium until Sunday evening. They will go with me to the Low Fell fayre tomorrow and to the Marley Hill Community Centre craft market on Sunday - we will be running the cafe at the same time elsewhere in the building. We are hoping the ducklings will have enough of a cute factor to encourage people to donate to the Community Centre funds!

After the two fayres, the ducklings will be moved to a larger brood box and then, after a couple of weeks, will be moved outdoors into the run in the back garden before going to the allotment where all our adult ducks live.

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