Friday, 13 June 2014

Promoting the food network at Saltwell Park

Stall at Saltwell Park June 14

On Wednesday, Gateshead Carers' Association held a fayre at Saltwell Park, Gateshead, for organisation to promote their causes. I had a stall promoting the community cafe we run at Marley Hill Community Centre (usually on the last Sunday of the month) and the local food network I am setting up. The aim of the network is to encourage people who grow food on an allotment or in their garden, or who go shooting or fishing, to swap their surplus for other foods they don't produce themselves. At the Marley Hill Cafe, people can bring in their produce and swap it for our jams, eggs, honey and so on. These are early days but eventually I want to build a self-sufficient community.

There was quite a bit of interest in the idea when I spoke to people coming to my stall. The 12 chicks I took along were also a draw as well.

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