Monday, 30 June 2014

Chicken exchange

Our friend Johnnie, with whom we swapped three of the cream legbar chicks (one cockerel and two hens) we hatched last year, gave us two batches of eggs from those birds recently. The deal was that once the eggs had hatched, I would give him two hen chicks. At the end of last week, the two hen chicks (each about 8 weeks old) were handed over to Johnnie who had spent the previous week building another chicken run in his allotment. The two chicks went straight into the new run. They are doing well. From that batch of eggs we now have 4 cockerels and one hen. We have various options for what to do with the cockerels. We could swap them, sell them or fatten them up for the table. Given that the 2nd batch of eggs has given us four more cockerels and only two hens, I suspect all the above options will be exercised.

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