Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hive checks

I carried out a check of our hives at our Whickham apiary on Sunday. Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 colonies I rescued from Sun Hill, the building being demolished in Sunniside, have not survived. Our 3 hives were doing very well however. I added a super to the one hive that did not have one so that we can collect honey from it. The other two hives already had supers. One was nearly full with honey and will be harvested, possibly in July. The other super was still empty but the hive is strong and we expect the bees to start filling the super shortly.

At our Sunniside apiary today, the sun brought our the bees in big numbers. The two recent swarms have settled well into their hives. The three existing hives meanwhile were very busy. One in particular is huge as it consists of a super with two brood boxes above it, and on top is another super (for collecting the honey).

I'm getting a number of requests from people to buy honey. It will be a few weeks yet before it's ready - watch this space.

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