Thursday, 5 June 2014

Back from London

chicks June 14

I got back from London this afternoon. I then checked out our incubation room. How quickly the chicks have grown! They have now developed their wing feathers and are able to get onto the edge of the box in which they have been temporarily housed. I found 2 sitting there feeling pleased with themselves. We will move them shortly to a run in the back garden where they will be for about 3 weeks before going to the allotment. The move won't be for a few days. The weather forecast up to the weekend is not good. Once the bad weather has passed us by, the chicks will move outdoors.

I was rather disappointed with the number of chicks that hatched at the end of last week. We had 21 eggs but only 12 chicks from them. We may need to incubate more or get chicks from a supplier.

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