Sunday, 15 June 2014

Clearing a patch

clearing a patch on the allotment June 14

It may be incredibly late to be doing this but we are still planting potatoes. Other duties have got in the way. We will still get a crop but it will be smaller than if we had planted them in April or May. And we will be harvesting them later than usual. We have, however, had to clear some land to start planting. We had a bed of lavender next to the pond and duck enclosure but this is where the potatoes are going. Therefore, we've dug up the lavender and transferred the plants to the verge along the path leading to the allotment. We've been planting herbs along the verge as well recently. Anyone will be able to pick them - a useful way to use a space that is otherwise unused.

The land made available is gradually being planted out with potatoes. Not all our spuds are late. We have a crop of rooster potatoes (red skinned and great for baking) which got underway in April. They are coming along well and so far the hens and ducks have not wrecked them.

transplanted June 14

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