Sunday, 8 June 2014

Drenched at the fayre

chicks at Chase Park Fayre June 14 2

I had a stall at Whickham Chase Park Fayre yesterday. We had been hoping that the rain would stay away but the weather wasn't playing ball. The fayre opened at midday, just as the rain started. A 20 minute shower followed. Then it stopped. We hoped for the best and I had lots of people at my stall buying homemade jam and our eggs and taking an interest in our local food trading network.

Then at 2.30pm the weather let rip and it tipped it down. At that point we knew there was no way we could continue. It was a disappointing end but in the time it wasn't raining, trade and interest had been brisk.

I took along the chicks that hatched last week. They were a popular attraction.

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