Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A hidden nest of eggs

When I opened up the henhouses this morning, I spotted a hen heading off for the hedge behind where we used to store the hay bales. I decided to check it and and discovered a nest there with 13 eggs in it. Most were small green eggs, suggesting one of the newly matured cream legbar hens hatched last summer has started laying and has opted to do so outside the henhouses. There was one brown egg and a number of full size green eggs. So clearly this is a popular laying spot for various members of the flock. All the eggs were brought back to the kitchen. As we are not sure how long they have been there, we are going to use them in an omelette tonight, cracking each into a cup to check it is okay.

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Rose. said...

Do you know about the cold water test for egg freshness. Put the egg in a bowl of water and if it lays
on the bottom very fresh half way up still fine but standing up old.