Sunday, 22 February 2015

Drying out the goat

Pinkie, our golden guernsey goat, is now nearly two months pregnant and is showing! Since November her milk yield has been dropping but we are now beginning to dry her out. This week we switched from a daily milking to once every two days. Shortly we will drop the frequency further. She is currently eating well (as she always does!) and is munching her way through lots of hay.

Sadly, we have to report that Geraldine, our black goat, is not pregnant. She was mated last month but earlier this month she came back into heat. We have decided not to try to get her or Georgina, her daughter, mated until the autumn. Our hands are likely to be full in the summer when we deal with Pinkie's kids.


Dawn McHugh said...

I am watching with interest as goats are still on my list but perhaps not until next year as we will have our hands full this year with the Alpacas due this summer :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello. I love following your blog with all the different animals that you are able to raise. I'm in California with an almost acre of land. Unfortunately much of it is not usable due to a steep slope. I'm curious to know how large your ground is and how many animals its able to support as well as growing veggies. - Christine, Carmel Valley, CA