Friday, 27 February 2015

Homing chickens

One of our surplus cream legbar cockerels was rehoused a couple of days ago, along with a cream legbar hen. They had not been moved far. Their new home was a chicken run Liz, who has the neighbouring allotment, had set up. Alas, they did not stay for long and headed home to our allotment after just one night. They had hopped onto their new henhouse and then hopped over the hedge back into our plot. I think Liz feels a bit put out by their rejection of their new owner but these two homing birds are to be returned shortly to their new home. Liz and her husband Bob are to move the chicken run and install a Berlin Wall style fence to keep the chickens at bay.

The offending cockerel is pictured above. The hen is pictured below.

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