Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Red vegetable soup

We had a rather large quantity of vegetables recently that needed to be used up or otherwise they would be making an appearance on a compost heap. In particular we had some marrows that were softening a bit and, if left to their own devices, would rapidly liquify. Time to make vegetable soup. We also had some left over roasted beetroot and tomatoes. They helped to turn the soup red. And from the allotment we have a glut of Jerusalem artichokes. We had so much veg to go in that we made the soup in one of our big preserving pans. We had thought of freezing some of it but in the end, we consumed all of it. It did mean we had to have vegetable soup for four days in a row. By day 4, I felt meals were becoming a bit repetitive! We shall definitely make use of the freezer when such large quantities are made in future.

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