Sunday, 1 February 2015

Making gelatine from pig trotters

We needed to make gelatine for our game pies and opted to use a pig trotter and a leg knuckle as the source. We have lots of pig trotters in the freezer and making gelatine was one of the reasons for holding on to them.

The game stock we made recently was put into a pan and the trotter and knuckle were added. They were brought up to the boil and then simmered for a couple of hours. It was then allowed to cool but before it set we poured some of it into the already cooked game pies. We have some left which will be used to make game soup. This will also allow us to use the left over pie filling, of which we have lots.

The bones will be dried off and used to make bone meal. We are going to have a go at making potted meats with the pork we stripped from the trotter and knuckle.

The gelatine is pictured above in the bowl with the 4 game pies we made.

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Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful and delicious. You won't be going hungry for a long time.