Thursday, 5 February 2015

Jam tarts

We have lots of old jams to use up. Some of them were made 5 years ago. Since we have put an end to the purchase of biscuits, jam tarts are now filling the void. These ones were made over the weekend. One set of tarts in particular is quite interesting. In 2011, we made a series of videos on wartime cooking. One of them was about how to make mock orange marmalade. There were very few oranges about in the Second World War in Britain so making orange marmalade was a bit of a challenge. We made it with apple jelly, grated carrots (to give the impression of shredded orange) and orange flavouring. We still had one of the jars to use up so, as well as having it on my toast in the morning, it was added to our jam tarts. The other tarts had gooseberry and rhubarb jam and cherry jelly.

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Dawn McHugh said...

the wartime marmalade sounds interesting, they were so inventive with food back then :-)