Thursday, 12 May 2016

A not-so-broody hen

brooding hen May 16

On Saturday, it appeared that one of our golden top hens had gone broody. Some eggs had been laid in one of the goat houses and she spent the day sitting on them. I had to put her in one of the hen houses in the evening. On Sunday morning she went back to the same spot. I decided it was time to get her some hatching eggs. As we aren't allowed to keep cockerels, we had to go to Durham Hens to get half a dozen eggs. Whilst there we also bought 4 barnvelder chicks to go with the chick and duckling we hatched recently.

Back on the allotment I moved the broody hen to the chick house and gave her the eggs to sit on them. A few hours later we found that she had completely ignored them. The eggs were gathered up again and went into one of our small incubators.

We are waiting for the next hen to go broody now.

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