Thursday, 12 May 2016

Working on our veg allotment

Marley Hill allotment May 16 1

We have a very small allotment in Marley Hill. We use if for growing vegetables, an activity not suitable to our main allotment where our goats and poultry eat anything that attempts to grow. We did some work at Marley Hill on Sunday, mainly weeding and getting beds ready. We also planted broad beans ((a variety called Express) and peas (Rondo).

Marley Hill allotment May 16 2

potatoes chitting May 16

Our potatoes are still chitting in our shed in Marley Hill. They will be planted soon though we need to take some rotted manure from the manure bin on our main allotment to dig into the ground. We have, of course, a ready supply of poultry and goat manure.

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