Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Medieval cooking - trout stuffed with lovage

I am making some videos of medieval food. This one was mentioned in the previous post - trout stuffed with lovage. A very simple recipe, it uses what was available to many medieval households: fresh trout from a local stream, lovage from the herb garden and butter that would have been made from your own supply of milk (though in this instance we have run out of our own butter so it came instead from a 21st century supermarket!)


cripplewing said...

Did you find it a bit overpowering when you got to the middle section of the fish? I grow Lovage and when diced find a little goes a long way. Maybe just tucking it inside the fish is the way to go. I see some use the hollow stalks for the mason bee hives as well.

Buying Seafood said...

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. I have no idea what lovage tastes like. It's not an herb I've seen people use here in New England. Cool video.