Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Moving Georgina in with Pinkie

goats May 16 (7)

The loss of Geraldine on Monday has allowed us to let Pinkie and Geraldine mix together. Geraldine had been a bit of a bully towards Pinkie and as she and her daughter Georgina are armed with horns, Pinkie was always likely to come off the worst. Georgina however was never bothered by Pinkie. So the two are now free to roam the allotment. They seem to have settled down together.

Georgina is due to give birth on 7-11 June. Pinkie is the week after. We are keeping a very close eye on both and we will be watching them 24/7 from 6th onwards. We want no repeats of Monday.

goats May 16 (9)

goats May 16 (11)

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