Monday, 23 May 2016

We have lost Geraldine

Geraldine the goat May 16 (1)

Sad news. Geraldine, our black goat, went into labour this morning. She died before she was able to give birth. I was obviously very upset and as a result we are a bit worried about the other two goats, both of which are pregnant and due in 2-3 weeks' time. Last year we had big problems with Pinkie and she ended up having a caesarian though the 2 kids were dead. For Georgina and Pinkie this time we are taking no chances. Whether or not there appear to be problems, we will have the vet there when they go into labour.

The photo above was taken this morning. The labour seemed to be going to plan and the photo was taken a couple of hours before she died. The photo below was taken yesterday when she was feeding on hawthorn branches.

Geraldine the goat May 16 (3)

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Fishcake_random said...

Sending you all our condolences x