Friday, 30 September 2016

A bee nest under a hive

bee nest under hive July 16

One of our bee hives sits on top of a set of bricks rather than a wooden stand. We simply had no wooden stands available when the bee hive was assembled. The bricks do a good job. Indeed, too good a job. Another bee colony moved in to the space between the bricks in June. While this block of flats for bees is interesting, it nevertheless presents us with a problem about what to do with the basement bees. The colony can't stay there, at least not permanently. I have a plan however. Earlier this year, I went on a course on how to make a skep in April. I have a half completed one at home and over the winter I will finish making it. In the spring I will cut away the comb and transfer the colony to the skep. Over the winter however I will build up the bricks around the colony. At the moment it is a bit exposed.

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