Sunday, 18 September 2016

Easy steps to making game pie

game pie Sept 16 (2)

I've mentioned our recently made game pies in posts but here is the recipe. Into a pan put rabbit, pheasant and squirrels (or whatever other game you have other than pigeon) and cover with water. Bring to the boil and simmer until all the meat is cooked.

game pie Sept 16 (10)

Strip the meat and put into a large bowl. Add chopped pigeon breast. Mix in a jar of rowan jelly.

game pie Sept 16 (12)

Line a pie tin with hot water crust pastry and put a layer of sausage meat in the bottom. We added boiled quail eggs and then covered it with the mixed game meat.

game pie Sept 16 (14)

Bake in the over for one and a half hours, first at 200C for an hour and then at 160C. Then leave to cool and in a small hold in the top, pour in gelatin until the pie can absorb no more.

game pie Sept 16 (16)


Anonymous said...

Where did you get your squirrel from? How would you catch that? The other I assume are from farms? Also, what does squirrel taste like?

Happy to be here said...

It would be great to see a pic of the inside of the pie once it's cooked.