Thursday, 29 September 2016

Another glut - branches

branches Sept 16 (3)

The diet of our goats consists entirely of leaves and branches I gather from local hedgerows and verges. If not chopped up every day, the piles of branches left after the goats have fed rapidly build up. We have suffered from this problem recently so I've been spending the last few days working mainly on chopping the branches for firewood. Even the twigs and clippings from the branches are kept as these will be used as fuel for the small stove we have and for the outdoor oven we are planning to get.

I feel as though we have made progress but I am looking forward to getting the job of chopping up the branches finished.

branches Sept 16 (4)

branches Sept 16 (1)

branches Sept 16 (2)

branches Sept 16 (5)

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