Saturday, 17 September 2016

Game pie

game pie Sept 16

At the Bowes Show last week, I entered a game pie in the pie-making competition. Two pies were made using 1 rabbit, 2 pheasants, 2 squirrels, 4 pigeons and some sausagemeat. I made the gelatin from 4 pigs trotters. I also added one jar of rowan jelly. Sadly the pie didn't win any prizes but one of them was the centre piece of our picnic at the show.


Eatie Gourmet said...

Yes, but the lemon curd...! Do you "put it up", as we call storing it, (on the shelf), or when you make it, it becomes a refrigerable item?

Eatie Gourmet said...

Btw, enjoy your blog-spot. What you are doing has been part of my life since infancy -- a way-of-life, family ways -- but along the way, Life intervened, and I haven't been abled to do more than a lot of jerky,a few jars of jam, tomato sauce/salsa/peeled-crushed, prickly pear syrup, rosehips, some foraging, some dehydrating, smoking, -- limited to that for a number -- canned, froze, dehydrated of years, and I miss my chickens and ducks. Used to have a HUGE garden, canned, froze, dehydrated; brewed beer,(grew my own hops!),made wine, cheese, sausages ... Working 6 days a week & on my own makes for a nice, steady income, BUT... .. maybe when I retire. I already Have the knowledge and skills, just not the Time!