Thursday, 24 August 2017

Another pregnant goat?

Pregnant goat Aug 17

I wrote recently about discovering that Georgina is pregnant. Now it looks like Spot is as well. Her pregnancy is even more surprising. There was no billy around when she gave birth at the end of April. She has been suckling since then. Snow, Georgina's billy kid is the only possible father so he must have done her as soon as he was sexually mature. I would have thought suckling would have suppressed coming into heat but that doesn't appear to be the case this time. So, assuming one or both are pregnant (and we haven't spectacularly misread the signs), we will have kids over the autumn and winter.

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Tired Hobby Farmer said...

Lactation in goats hasn't kept mine from coming back in heat. In fact, all 3 of my mature does were rebred this past year while still in milk. I dried each of them off at 3 months pregnant, and resumed milking when the kids were 2 months old.