Saturday, 3 August 2013

Deep clean

Our henhouses are suffering from a mite problem. We think this may have contributed to the recent fall in egg productivity. I have ordered some Poultry Shield (used for killing off mite infestations) and was hoping it would arrive today. When I got back from the market selling out honey and jam, I found the it had not yet been delivered. So, this evening, I took a barrel of warm water, a scrubbing brush and washing up liquid to the allotment and gave the first of the henhouses a thorough deep clean. No surface went untouched. All crevices were thoroughly cleaned as well.

It was interesting to note that many of the hens of their own accord moved into the new (and mite free) duckling house to roost through the night recently. The henhouse I cleaned tonight normally houses 8 but recently the number has dropped to 4, though I have moved hens back into it. It was interesting to note that in its super clean state tonight, 6 hens chose to roost in it. And hopefully the other two will move back into it shortly. Hens, after all, aren't daft.

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Jocee said...

I'm looking forward to following your journey. We are heading towards self sufficiency too.