Saturday, 3 August 2013

The self-sufficiency challenge - days one to three

meat balls Aug 13

The challenge to spend at least a month on food we have produced ourselves or traded with other local food growers has got off to a reasonable start. So far we have not had to resort to going to shops for food. Our diet has, admittedly, been a bit repetitive over the past three days but there is nothing new in that. We tend to make enough in one go to last a few meals. On Thursday, for our main evening meal, I made a meatball casserole. The meatballs were made from sausagemeat from our Tamworth and the vegetables in the casserole were traded with other allotment holders (for jam). To it I added some leftover vegetable soup (again, all made from locally produced food). We finished the casserole tonight.

meat ball caserole Aug 13

Lunches have been satisfying but simple. David has been having pork sandwiches, from a Tamworth leg joint roasted earlier this week.I've been having scotch eggs I made using some of our duck eggs and sausagemeat from the Tamworth. For a bit of variety today, I had a green leaf salad with my scotch egg for lunch, picked fresh from the allotment. Leaves included mustard, radish, nasturtium and lovage.

scotch eggs Aug 13

Tomorrow we switch to roast lamb for dinner. We traded some of our pork for a friend's lamb earlier this year so it's time it was used up.

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