Thursday, 8 August 2013

Using the honey press

honey press Aug 13 1

I took 2 supers full of honey from our Sunniside apiary yesterday and today I put one of them through the honey press we bought earlier this year. That counted as a first for me as we had not previously used the press. The whole exercise turned outt o be more straightforward than I expected, though it was as sticky as I expected.

beehive supers Aug 13

The honeycomb was wrapped in muslin before being placed in the press. Then the pressure was gradually built up by screwing down the lid until the vast majority of the honey had been squeezed out. What was left behind was the flattened wax of the honeycomb. This will be processed at a later date.

honey press Aug 13 3

honey press Aug 13 4

honey press Aug 13 5

We now have a bucket of honey ready to go into jars. There's more honey still to be harvested from our Whickham apiary so there will be plenty more work for the honey press. The wax extractor will also be put into use soon. I'll have a go at making beeswax candles. I already have the candle moulds and the wicks.

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