Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Self-Sufficient Challenge Day 20: bacon and onion flan

egg bacon and onion flan Aug 13

This was my lunch but became my evening meal as well after I ran out of time to make the beetroot soup I planned. It will do us for lunch tomorrow as well. It contains 2 rashers of our Tamworth bacon, 2 onions and 6 eggs. It had half an our in the oven at 180C and was then left in the switched-off oven to finish cooking and cool down.

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Cheryl said...

Hello Jonathan,

I chanced upon your blog whilst surfing about farming. For some months now I'm a regular follower of your updates. I want to Thank you for the great help you are doing to the society by encouraging self sufficiency & farming. Thanks to you for the small terrace garden I have started off recently. Please continue your blog and hopefully more news about your farming.