Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Self-Sufficient Challenge day 21: potato and bacon salad

double yoker Aug 13

Potato and bacon salad is a firm favourite of mine and very easy to make. Some cold boiled potatoes with a sprinking of chives from the herb garden, a couple of hard boiled eggs chopped up, some fried bacon and ground pepper.

The double yoker was used in this meal. It was laid a few days ago and was a significant size. The hen must have felt it when she popped it out! Talking of eggs, we were up to 12 today, for the first time in two months. We had thought the recent drop in egg productivity was down to a mite infestation in the henhouses which we have since eradicated. It turned out not to be the cause. Instead, it seems to be a summer moult that had caused some of them to have a break from laying.

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Anonymous said...

Been following ya on this fun trip of one with nature. I raised many chickens and summer is a challange. But crushed oyster shell will help with a vit. Mix. Also to help get them laying again you can use a american trck. Cut up a hot pepper in small peaces and feed it to your hens. I dont know why it works but it really does. Gob bless