Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The self-sufficient challenge days 22-26: slumming it!

pork burger Aug 13

I have to confess we have been slumming it recently. We haven't been making full blown evening meals. We have been too busy. This always happens around the time we run our monthly Allotment Cafe. We end up eating what has been prepared for the menu or what has been leftover. Days 22-26 have therefore seen us eating our homemade burgers or indulging in bacon butties. It is of course all produced by our self-sufficiency system. Last night however we had vegetable soup, made from allotment grown ingredients all of which came from a trade we did a few weeks ago with an allotment site in Gateshead. The soup was made for the cafe so yesterday's meal (and today's lunch) is an attempt to use it up. I'm not complaining however. It's excellent soup!

vegetable soup Aug 13

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