Thursday, 29 October 2015


apple tree in London Oct 15

We have a small apple tree in the front garden of our home in London. In a typical year it will produce about 10 large apples. Suddenly this year it is sagging under the weight of hundreds of apples. Admittedly they are small but they are still edible. I will bring them back to Sunniside, bag by bag. There is a limit to what I can carry on the train!


cripplewing said...

What kind of apple are you harvesting? I have been looking over older videos and have enjoyed your goat videos. Pinky is a very nice looking goat. Sad to lose her twins but fortunately you were able to get help and save Pinky. I had Nubian when I raised goats. Watching the goats makes me miss mine. They can be a lot of work but great company too. It looks like you are very successful with your allotments,animals and gardens. Please keep up the great videos I really enjoy them even though I don't comment very often. You are both very resourceful at using everything up ...I must try some of the ideas you have posted. I did make sage and crab-apple jelly last year and it was a hit with my family! Thanks again for all the work that goes into your blog and videos.
Dorothy (from Vancouver Island Canada)

jonathanwallace said...

Hello Dorothy, glad oyu like the blog and the videos. The tree in the photo produces eating apples but I have no idea what type. I planted the tree about 14 years ago and didn't keep a record of what sort it was!

Frank said...

Its such a waste seeing those other apples fall to the ground and not be eaten. Just want to know what type of apple did you plant?

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Keith said...

I wish my plant is bountiful as that!

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